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Moorish Nation Public Records Affidavit of Fact 2010-2024 free printable template

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As the Oath of Office has not been provided the SUPERIOR COURT HOUSING and all its officers are charged with warring against this Petitioner s who is one of The People which is Treason. The Agents of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA commanded that the Petitioner adhere to an unlawful venue allegedly being operated by the PUBLIC SERVANTS to The People by Imposed under threat duress and coercion with a man-of-straw / misnomer word misrepresented as implying my name and typed upon the Order /...
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How to fill out moorish citizenship application form


How to Fill Out Certificate of Moorish Nationality:

Obtain the certificate form from the appropriate Moorish organization or authority.
Fill in your personal details such as your full name, date of birth, and current address.
Provide your parents' information including their names, nationalities, and dates of birth.
Indicate your current nationality and any previous nationalities you held.
State the reasons for wanting to obtain the certificate of Moorish nationality, including any cultural or ancestral connection to Moorish heritage.
Include any supporting documentation or evidence that may be required, such as birth certificates, identification documents, or genealogical records.

Who Needs Certificate of Moorish Nationality:

Individuals who identify with their Moorish heritage and wish to formally assert their Moorish nationality.
People who want to establish their cultural, historical, or ancestral ties to the Moorish civilization.
Individuals seeking to gain recognition and rights based on their Moorish heritage, such as access to certain benefits, privileges, or resources.
Those who wish to participate in and contribute to Moorish community activities, organizations, or events.
People interested in preserving and promoting Moorish culture, history, and traditions.

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Solihull Moors Football Club CIC is controlled by its directors as listed below: Darryl Eales, Calvin Barnett, Cheryl Cooper, Dave Bewick, Richard Blackmore, Tim Murphy, Benn Brown, Terry Grogan, Simon Hawker, Michael Seabrook, Michael Turl, Adam Rhodes.
Requirements. Membership is free, not only in the U.S. but all over the world. Members must proclaim their Nationality and must proclaim and practice Love, Truth, Peace, Page 4 Freedom, and Justice, preserve the Holy and Divine laws of the Moorish Science Temple of America, and obey the laws of the government.
One primary tenet of the Moorish Science Temple is the belief that African Americans are of "Moorish" descent, specifically from the "Moroccan Empire". ing to Ali, this area included other countries that today surround Morocco. To join the movement, individuals had to proclaim their "Moorish nationality".
The Moorish Science Temple of America is a sect of the Islamic religion that teaches the uplifting of fallen humanity and the making of better citizens. Symbols of this religion include the star and crescent, fezzes, turbans, the Moorish Flag, and the addition of “El” of “Bey” to the surname.
The Moors, like any other people, should practice the religion of their national inheritance: “Every nation shall and must worship under their own vine and fig tree, and return to their own and be one with their Father God – Allah.” Moorish Americans had to reclaim their original religion—Islam—and through it their

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The Moorish Nationality Certificate is not a required document. It is an optional document that is available to members of the Moorish Science Temple of America (MSTA) to prove their identity and citizenship.
The information that must be reported on a Certificate of Moorish Nationality includes the name of the applicant, date of birth, place of birth, and signature of the applicant. It should also include a declaration of nationality, a statement of rights, obligations, and privileges, as well as a statement of loyalty to the Moorish Nation.
There is no official or recognized "Certificate of Moorish Nationality." It appears to be a document associated with a specific ideology or movement known as Moorish Science Temple of America (MSTA) or Moorish sovereign citizens. This movement is rooted in the teachings of Noble Drew Ali, an early 20th-century religious leader who preached self-determination and the notion of a distinct Moorish nationality for African Americans. The followers of MSTA claim Moorish ancestry and often assert the idea that they have a separate and sovereign status as "Moorish Americans" or "Moorish Nationals." They believe that they are not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States government or its laws. As a result, they sometimes generate and distribute documents like the "Certificate of Moorish Nationality" as a form of identification within their community. Importantly, these claims of sovereignty and the legitimacy of such certificates are not recognized by any mainstream legal or governmental authorities. The United States government and other countries generally do not acknowledge the claims of Moorish nationals or the validity of documents associated with this movement. Attempting to use such certificates or claims of nationality in official matters like obtaining passports, driver's licenses, or other legal identification can lead to legal issues and potentially criminal charges.
The concept of a "Certificate of Moorish Nationality" does not have any legal recognition or validity. The Moorish Science Temple of America, an African-American religious organization, promotes the idea of moorish nationality and issues certificates to its members claiming Moorish heritage. However, these certificates are not legally recognized or accepted by any government or international authority. Therefore, the purpose of such certificates is primarily symbolic and intended to express a sense of identity and belonging within the Moorish Science Temple of America community.
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